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“Differently-Abled” Artists Wanted for TITUS ANDRONICUS

The staged reading of the AATES hour-long adaptation of TITUS ANDRONICUS will feature “differently-abled” artists.

Los Angeles, February 3, 2020- The AATE (African American Theatrical Ensemble) is accepting submissions for its staged reading of William Shakespeare’s TITUS ANDRONICUS, taking place on Saturday, April 25, 2020 in Los Angeles. Casting will include all ethnicities and artists of varying physical abilities, in recognition of National Disability Awareness Month. 

Synopsis: After a long war with the Goths, Roman general Titus Andronicus returns home to find his country on the brink of civil war. Tricked by the new Emperor, Titus and his family find themselves trapped in a deadly game of revenge with their new Empress, Tamora, and her lover, Aaron. When Lavinia, Titus’ only daughter, is mutilated and raped by Tamora’s sons, the ultimate vengeance is set in motion. A brutal tragi-comedy, Titus Andronicus is an epic nightmare which charts the fall of a civilization into barbarity, and a family’s fall into inhumanity. The story includes issues of extreme physical and sexual violence, rape, mutilation, cannibalism and racism. 

Seeking intense performers who make bold choices and are willing to play with Shakespeare’s tragi-comedy. Seeking artists of all ethnicities, physicalities and disciplines, with keen attention to PWDs and the “differently-abled”. Rehearsals may be emotionally demanding and will include 1 Intensive with Director and 2 read-thrus before staged reading performance. 

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