the AATE (African American Theatrical Ensemble) is casting a staged reading of TITUS ANDRONICUS, taking place on Saturday, April 25, 2020, in recognition of National Disability Awareness Month. Casting will include all ethnicities and artists of varying physical abilities. UNION/NON-UNION members are invited to submit. Union members will participate under a "29 Hour Agreement" and receive a $100 stipend.

Synopsis: After a long war with the Goths, Roman general Titus Andronicus returns home to find his country on the brink of civil war. Tricked by the new Emperor, Titus and his family find themselves trapped in a deadly game of revenge with their new Empress, Tamora, and her lover, Aaron. When Lavinia, Titus’ only daughter, is mutilated and raped by Tamora’s sons, the ultimate vengeance is set in motion. A brutal tragi-comedy, Titus Andronicus is an epic nightmare which charts the fall of a civilization into barbarity, and a family’s fall into inhumanity. The story includes issues of extreme physical and sexual violence, rape, mutilation, cannibalism and racism. 

Interest, maturity, respect and responsibility expected at every stage of rehearsal. Seeking intense performers who make bold choices and are willing to play with Shakespeare’s tragi-comedy. 

Seeking artists of all ethnicities (except where noted), physicalities and disciplines; special interest in “DIFFERENTLY-ABLED” artists. Both Union and Non-Union artists are invited to submit. Union artists will participate under a 29-Hour Agreement and receive a $100 stipend.

Due to subject matters in the play, rehearsals may be emotionally demanding; the rehearsal schedule includes: 2 read-thrus before staged reading (1 Table read/1 Dress rehearsal) plus 1, 90 minute-to-2 hour Intensive with Director(s) and scene partners.  Check availability dates prior to submitting. 

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Details & Guidelines


Important Dates

Important Dates & Guidelines:

1st Round- Headshot/Resume Submissions- Feb. 1st-28th

Auditions- Wed., March 25th- TiME/LOCATION: TBA

1st Read-thru- Sat., Apr. 18th, 2PM/LOCATION: TBA

Director & Scene Partner Intesensive: Week of Apr. 19th. TIME/LOCATION: TBD

Dress Rehearsal- Fri., Apr. 24th- 2PM/LOCATION: TBA

Staged Reading- Sat., Apr. 25th- 2PM/LOCATION: TBA

Please note in cover letter any potential schedule conflicts.

Submission Guidelines

CHOOSE SIDE of character you wish to be considered for OR another CLASSICAL monologue.

FORWARD video submission to:


BODY: Headshot/Resume.pdf(s)


Artists submitting for LAVINIA, the NURSE, MARTIUS, MUTIUS, QUINTIUS  and YOUNG LUCIUS should have a classical monologue of choice prepared for audition.

You will receive an email with complete instructions if you are invited to audition with Producer and Director in Los Angeles on Wednesday, March 25th, beginning at 2 PM.

SCENES may be distributed during the audition process.

Character Breakdowns

AARON- B/Male/30s-40s; Tamora’s secret lover and partner in crime. Strong, violent and cruel, but simultaneously charismatic, charming, sexy and extremely intelligent. Logical in his plans for violence.

ALABARBUS- Male/20s; son of Tamora who is sacrificed to appease the ghosts of Titus’ fallen sons; the catalyst for Tamora’s journey thereafter.

BASSIANUS- Male/20s-30s; Lavina’s suitor and brother to Saturninus. Stage combat experience required.

CHIRON- Male/20s; son of Tamora who pines over Lavinia in a twisted way. Pitiless, violent and dangerous; engaged in a perpetual battle for dominance with his brother.

DEMETRIUS- Male/20s; son of Tamora. Brutal, merciless and determined. After his brother’s death by Titus, he swears his unwavering revenge. Aggressive, destructive, violent, a bully. A hair’s breadth away from violence at all times.

LAVINIA- B/FEMALE/20s; Titus’s daughter. A young beauty. Saintly and sarcastic. In love with Bassianus. Victim of a brutal assault that leaves her incapable of speech and traumatized. Role for an actress with incredible emotional and physical range.

LUCIUS- B/Male/20s-30s; eldest surviving son of Titus and elder sibling to Lavinia; strong and loyal to his father; a warrior; stage combat experience required. 

MARCUS ANDRONICUS- B/Male/late 40s-early 50s; Brother of Titus. In contrast to his warrior brother, he is a tribune, a civilian politician. Sensible, just and even-keeled. Capable of acting as a voice of reason during his brother’s fearsome rages.

MARTIUS-  Male/20s; Son of Titus who is cast into a pit and then later executed for crimes they did not commit.

MUTIUS- Male/20s-30s; Son of Titus; dies defending the escape of his brother. Stage combat experience needed.

NURSE- Female/50s- Mid-wife to Tamora.

QUINTUS- Male/20s-30s; Son of Titus Andronicus,cast into a hole with Martius.

SATURNINUS- Male/early- mid 30-50s; Impatient; has the volatile temperament of a spoiled child; likes to get what he wants, and is dangerous when he doesn’t. Comedic timing and some stage combat.

TAMORA, QUEEN OF THE GOTHS- W/Female/40s. Powerful, earthy, sensual, voracious. Ruthlessly protective of her honor and her children.

YOUNG LUCIUS- B/Male/20’s. Son of Lucius. Brings comedic relief to parts of the show.